CARB2 Compliant

Formaldehyde has been deemed an unhealthy feature of composite boards. Europe had led the way on formaldehyde reduction with E1 and E2 standards but demanded more from the market particularly from international home products retailer IKEA. This resulted in the imposition of stricter standards on the MDF and chipboard producers. With the backing of IKEA, this lead to the Californian Air Resources Board (which measures airborne emissions rather than the amount of formaldehyde in the board) emerging as the standard in the marketplace. 

MEDITE has long been at the forefront of ‘low formaldehyde' innovation in Europe.

Following a €15 million investment in new technology and equipment to improve MDF production facilities and refiner capabilities at its plant in Clonmel in Ireland, as well as meeting the E1 European standard, from January 2010 all Medite products were tested and approved as being fully CARB2 compliant; more than a year before the CARB2 regulation became compulsory in the US. Customers who use Medite in their products have the automatic assurance that it is in compliance with CARB2 standards.

MEDITE has progressed to a stage where all Medite products are CARB2 compliant. They also carry the relevant identification associated with this rigorous standard. As a result of our on-going commitment to produce products which comply with a range of international standards, we are continuing in our objective to make the sustainable and responsible choice easier for our customers. 

MEDITE is a pioneer of low formaldehyde emission panels. In 1987 it introduced Medite E1 and subsequently launched ‘MEDITE ECOLOGIQUE', a specialist zero-added formaldehyde product which, since its introduction, has been widely specified for environmentally sensitive interior applications such as museums, laboratories, art galleries and schools.