About Us

MEDITE is arguably Europe’s most recognised brand of MDF; available in Europe since 1976 we were the pioneers in introducing MDF to European markets. That has allowed MEDITE products to now be recognised as the benchmark for quality, consistency and performance in the MDF market.

From our production and research plant in Clonmel, Ireland, we supply a wide range of MDF products to meet the diverse needs of users, specifiers and designers across Europe and beyond. Our extensive range includes ten different families of MDF products and many variants, with over 400 possible specifications from a production capacity of some 410,000 m3.

Through consistent commitment to research and development we have established Medite as the leading brand in the MDF market by introducing a wide variety of quality products. Today the extensive Medite range includes MEDITE PREMIER, MEDITE TRICOYA, MEDITE TRADE, MEDITE ULTRALITE, MEDITE MR, MEDITE FR, MEDITE EXTERIOR, MEDITE ECOLOGIQUE AND MEDITE FQ.

MEDITE Europe became part of Coillte in November 2006. It is also a major influence in timber technology around the world. After many years of working with Coillte as the main log supplier to our Clonmel plant, MEDITE Europe is proud to be part of the Coillte family.

Our technological innovations have led the market to advances such as extra – smooth, moisture resistant, flame retardant and many more MDF varieties. Our programme of innovation is continuous, with MEDITE TRICOYA EXTREME being described by TRADA’s Technical Manager, Dr Andy Pitman, as “absolutely unique” and that MEDITE TRICOYA EXTREME is “one of the greatest advances in board products over the past 10 years.”